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This post is a bit outside of the box but for any of you who have ever wanted to have their own online “school” or “university” you need what is called a “Learning Management System”  LMS for short.  As the VP for NationalREIA and in charge of non-dues revenue this has been a challenge to say the least.  Add in cost/time constraints and the fact that after you are done reviewing the market…..it’s already changed!  OK, so, my point?   Everything is getting easier.  WORDPRESS is part of how that is occurring.  Up to this point no one has really produced an viable LMS wordpress plugin solution.  Just too complicated and until now, WORDPRESS was not really able to handle.  But, all that is apparently changing because the challenge has been accepted by the folks over at http://www.learndash.com and they are launching the one and only true WORDPRESS LMS  system on the market.  Check it out and if this turns out as great as the preliminary reports are saying.  There will be a whole new world of learning and opportunity opening up for everyone.

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Join us up here!  Help us lead!

Join us up here! Help us lead!


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