Scott Whaley is a Master of Action and an innovative maverick.

For over 25 years, Scott Whaley has studied, learned and implements enhanced performance psychology tools for himself and others. These tools include certifications as a trainer for NLP, Master Hypnotherapist and numerous other change focused systems. He was the first coach hired and helped design the coaching program for the highest paid, most well known personal peak performance coach in the world. He was promoted to the position of Master Coach for that organization within one year. An authority on the Science of Achievement and Peak Performance, Scott currently has 4 companies, all which have at their core the principles of Real Wealth. Scott is the President of Real Wealth Speakers and Real Wealth Seminars.

He is the National REIA board member and has served in the capacity of Vice President, Mid Year Chair and Non-Dues Revenue Chair. Bringing together his experiences and research Scott focused on how our mind and emotions, come together to create success or failure for each of us. Now, in a systematic way, he has assembled this knowledge so that you can first, understand and then implement this success strategy anywhere in your life to produce the money, the body, or any other results you want. Using his experience as a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach Robbins, Speaker, professional tennis player, investor, and business owner Scott developed the Exclusive Mind Revolution program. Scott will show you how anyone can develop the ability to Take Action Now and begin implementing and following through on all of those great intentions, ideas, programs, books and cds that so many of us have bought (and are sitting on the bookshelves gathering dust!).