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As President of REIFA, Scott leads the charge in connecting funders and borrowers to deal flow by seeking out relationships with the leaders in the industry; it is Scott’s goal to cut out the middle man and connect everyone directly.

Scott was a Real Estate Investor Training & Coaching Specialist, as well as a speaker & promoter for Real Wealth Seminars.  Scott also helped design the coaching program for the highest paid coach in the world at NLP.  He was promoted to the position of Master Coach for that organization within one year and is considered to be an authority on the Science of Achievement and Peak Performance, having designed the Wealth Mind Revolution program for superior personal performance and achievement.  Scott earned a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Scott has over 15 years experience in the real estate industry and 8 years in the peak performance coaching industry as well.   He’s developed over $30,000,000 worth of property and sold over $50,000,000 in commercial real estate, 3 years as a mortgage lender, and at the age of 26 founded Star Tex Enterprises Real Estate Investments & Brokerage. With his experience as a professional tennis player, trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Coach for Anthony (Tony) Robbins, Speaker, Investor and Business Owner and focusing on two main projects; bringing National REIA to new levels of professionalism, size and influence AND launching REIFA.

Scott Whaley is the leader of the largest independent real estate investing trade association in the world and it’s newly launched sister funding association.  Combining a background in professional tennis, commercial real estate, mortgage lending, and peak performance coaching gives him a truly unique drive and focus.   Scott says, “You have to admire the entrepreneurs that make up the groups I am privileged to lead, I mean, I am inspired and feel a sense of responsibility and pressure, because of who these people are and what they do.  You have to ask yourself, “What makes these people take the risks, and, knowing the odds, still go out and become the engine that makes this country great.” I feel privileged to be allowed to play a role in their success is what he lives for.  

Scott has been a board member for the National Real Estate Association for over eight (8) years.  During that time he has served two terms as Vice President, two terms as President, and is currently serving a term as Vendor Chair.

In addition to his duties as Vendor Chair for National REIA, Scott is launching the Real Estate Investment & Funding Association (REIFA).  REIFA is the first and only non-profit association for Real Estate Investment & Funding complete with education, deal matching, networking and a strong belief that contribution comes first, profits come second.  

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